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teacherWhat about this site?
Teach Kids provides free downloads of Bible lessons, biographical lessons and training manuals from Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) to help you teach kids. These are available in English and several other European languages. Please use the "Language Switch" to see if your language has been added. Our aim is to help teachers all over Europe, hence our domain name: TeachKids.eu
Getting around on our site is easy: just use the menu at the top and click on the category you are looking for. By downloading materials from this site, you agree to be bound by our copyright statement, "What about copyright?". Please take time to read it, before downloading any materials.
At the moment we provide the texts and some visuals for free. If you would like to purchase the visuals that go with the texts, please click on "Locations" for CEF contact details in your country.
Visit us regularly, as we will be adding new materials and updating existing ones. If you have a testimony of the downloaded item being used or have a question regarding our website, please email us: info@teachkids.eu - We love to hear from you!

What about copyright?
All rights of the materials on the TeachKids.eu website are reserved.
All resources on this website may be reproduced for personal, ministry, nonprofit, or non-commercial uses only. This material is provided free of charge, to be used for teaching and studying. Under no circumstances shall this material be sold in any form. No charges of any kind may be added, including shipping or handling. No material from the TeachKids.eu website may be bundled with anything sold, or used to solicit donations.
The full copyright notice must remain intact on all materials.
For free distribution of over 10 copies of any material, the distributor must obtain written permission from Teach Kids. Please submit permission request by email.
We do not grant permission to post Teach Kids resources on other websites or to post a direct link to our downloads. If you would like to place a link to the home page of TeachKids.eu on your site, please let us know by email.

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